2011, Busch et al. Now the glucose becomes the basic building block for a bunch of other carbohydrates, such as sucrose, lactose, ribose, cellulose and starch. Instead, the transcript abundances of GC1 were positively correlated, while those of CLMP was negatively correlated with BS chloroplast numbers. Frederick and Newcomb 1971, Yoshimura et al. P.A. M.S.B. Measured M cells were from the upper (adaxial) half of the leaf, unless otherwise indicated. Thylakoids are found to be stacked one on other like the pile of coins. 4), indicating that the regulation of chloroplast numbers in the BS cells of C2 species evolved independently of patterns in C4 M cells. P.A. S. Leaves have an upper epidermis that is located on the upper part of the leaf. The ultrastructure of the M cells has received less attention than that of the BS cells and, until recently, has not been widely recognized as being modified during C4 evolution. If these genes are indeed responsible for the M chloroplast patterning in Flaveria, this indicates that a separate set of genes have been modified to reduce M chloroplast numbers during the evolution of C4 photosynthesis in Cleomaceae. All values were estimated from TEM images of transverse sections of adaxial M cells. We also examined transcript profiles of the plastid movement genes CHUP1, PHOT1, PHOT2 and PMI-1 (Wada 2013, Suetsugu et al. . M.R. //
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