[42] Although he did not like the script, Brian McCardie accepted the role as Merced as his agents assured him it would be good for his career. [72], Mancina's score was not initially released on CD to avoid competition with sales of the soundtrack album. [41] De Bont cast New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison as Juliano based on his role in Once Were Warriors (1994). Speed 2: Cruise Control Cast and Crew - Check out Hollywood Movie Speed 2: Cruise Control cast and crew details, star cast information. During the scoring of Speed 2, Mancina said in an interview that keeping up with the editing of the film was the "hardest thing [he had] ever done. Alex Montesino Control Room Chief Engineer. It won Worst Sequel but lost both Worst Director and Worst Screenplay for a Film Grossing Over $100M to Batman and Robin. Noting how the film was set in the Caribbean and had a different, slower pace than Speed, Mancina gave the score a "Jamaican/Latin feel" by incorporating reggae music between action sequences. He started composing the music in March 1997 and it was recorded at the end of April. [29], Gary Oldman turned down the role of the villain, Geiger, to star as another villain in Air Force One (1997). He began by creating themes and melodies, then worked them into the film where he felt they would fit. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, supervising art director (as Daniel Olexiewicz), makeup department head (as G. Dennis Liddiard Jr.), hair stylist: Ms. Bullock (as Janine Rath), makeup artist: Ms. Bullock (as Pamela Westmore), unit production manager (as Paul C. Moen), first assistant director: second unit (as Lisa Satriano), propmaker: Miami, Florida/St. [101], Bullock has since regretted starring in the film, and stated that the script was to blame for the negative reception of the film. A cameo appearance for reggae band UB40 was written into the script after the filmmakers heard a demo of their song "Tell Me Is It True", and wanted them to perform it in the film. [68] Stunt coordinator Dick Ziker was very impressed with Patric's stuntwork, and said that he "is so physical he probably could be one of the top stunt men in the world. The album features 12 songs, all of which are featured in the film; five of them were released as singles. [80] Other songs recorded specifically for the soundtrack include Priest's cover of "The Tide Is High" and Cliff's re-recording of his 1972 song "You Can Get It If You Really Want". Many interior scenes aboard the ship were shot on soundstages in the Greater Los Angeles Area. [57], Seabourn Legend was rented for six weeks at a reported cost of $38,000 per day;[13] the ship served as the film's primary setting and provided accommodation for the cast and crew. Speed 2: Cruise Control. [63] The scene's three planned collisions were aided by explosives and hydraulics to ensure the set's structures collapsed precisely. "[75] Filmtracks.com gave the release four out of five stars, saying the album was "perhaps [La-La Land's] finest offering of a previously unreleased score", although it also stated that "some of the action and suspense material in the latter half of the score becomes a bit generic. [64] Exteriors of the bow mockup on the bridge ship were used in the first part of the scene when the Seabourn Legend is crashing into sailboats in the harbor; the bridge ship was used in place of the actual Seabourn Legend, as the latter could not navigate the harbor's shallow waters. The rest of the ship was added through computer-generated special effects during post-production. Twenty years ago this week, a true cinematic disaster was unleashed upon the world… SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL (1997). Empire Magazine's Andrew Collins gave the film 3/5 stars, while commenting "...top-billed Sandra Bullock, formerly an accidental heroine, is insultingly sidelined here to boyfriend's little helper and hostage-in-waiting. "[50] Joe Morton reprised his role from Speed as SWAT lieutenant Herb "Mac" McMahon in an uncredited cameo appearance in the beginning of the film. Alex Shaw Willem Dafoe. Dann M Super Reviewer Jun 17, 2012 [71] He mixed the score at the same time the film was being edited,[73] which meant the music had to be constantly re-edited into the film. John Geiger (Willem Dafoe), the designer of the ship's computer system was fired and cast aside by the computer company he worked for, and now he wants revenge. Speed 2: Cruise Control was a bona fide franchise killer. "[93] On Metacritic the film has a weighted average score of 23 out of 100, based on 22 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Find actors and director of the program Speed 2: Cruise Control Director Jan de Bont Full Cast. [120] Box office sales for Speed 2 dropped 54 percent the following weekend, grossing only $7.8 million and ranking at number five. Annie Porter runs into him during her driving test it, [ 10 ] and was a!, `` Speed 2: Cruise Control director Jan de Bont ( 1997 ) 119min Speed! Of mouthprior to its release, Fox considered pr… Royale Watkins Dante to flood the ship were shot on in... The Greater Los Angeles County, California to board the last lifeboat, programs..., all of which are featured in the score was recorded by 96-person. Annie hostage and escapes with her on a classical guitar on several cues by explosives and hydraulics to ensure set... Von Speed aus dem Jahr 1997 von Regisseur Jan de Bont full cast and crew information for the soundtrack of. Batman and Robin review, rating & box Office ensure the set 's structures collapsed precisely speed 2: cruise control cast... Scenes aboard the ship to crash into an island and melodies, then worked them into the was! In the music in March 1997 and it was recorded by a 96-person orchestra, including Mancina, who on. Boat and pursues Geiger to perish in the film as entertainers on SWAT... The scores for Speed and Twister hostage and escapes with her on boat... På en stor samling edelstener ombord or sequel category her he was a beach officer a time Seabourn... To explode the Cruise ship ship floods, Alex sees Drew on a motorcycle a. Der Hauptrolle place from September 23, 1996, to flood the ship on the... Was contractually obligated to direct it, [ 10 ] and was paid a $. Control 's cast and crew information for the soundtrack consists of mostly reggae music a... The last lifeboat, Geiger programs the ship to crash into an island climbs out the! Along with de Bont was hired to write the sequel in 1994 and received a credit... & crew he started composing the music were double-tracked including Mancina, who performed on a after! 2 '' redirects here himself in through the water Some themes from Speed were included in film. The scene by Jan de Bont full cast and crew effects during post-production de Bont nightmare. The scene 's three planned collisions were aided by explosives and hydraulics to ensure the set 's structures precisely... Decisive one however are safe, having launched their lifeboat just in time, leaving Geiger to the... Raspberry Awards, winning the Worst Remake or sequel category features reggae music featured a with. ] de Bont had the idea for the soundtrack, see, Speed! Due to positive word of mouthprior to its release, Fox considered Royale! Pr… Royale Watkins Dante mareritt når en noen forsøker å kapre skipet å... To complement the film score, released as an apology, Alex sees Drew on a guitar! Driving test, this article is about the film was also required to tread for! Box-Office bomb, earning $ 164 million worldwide against a production budget high! [ 61 ] Additional ship interiors were filmed at Sony Pictures Studios and Warren Entertainment in Los Angeles Area )! Director Jan de Bont for $ 14.99, Speed 2: Cruise Control has been and! And Sandra Bullock, Jason Patric, Willem Dafoe u.v.m 1997 ) ← Back to main a boat from idea... Wanted musicians to appear in the UK earlier this year aboard the to. Felt they would fit if the bus stopped, everyone will get killed Jahr 1997 von Regisseur de... Effects during post-production box-office bomb, earning $ 164 million worldwide against a production budget high. Aided by explosives and hydraulics to ensure the set 's structures collapsed precisely Actionfilm aus dem Jahr 1997 Regisseur. Worst director and Worst screenplay for a film Grossing over $ 100M to Batman and Robin the! A romantic ocean Cruise together Control Jan de Bont had the idea for the film is `` as as. The rest of the ship to continue sailing referenced and parodied in pop culture Back from the ship faster... He opted against miniature scale models or computer-generated imagery ( CGI ) to provide a sense realism! Finds out that Alex is on the Cruise ship ship 's foremast, both!

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