What is Azure Database Migration Service?Azure Database Migration Service is a fully managed service designed to enable seamless migrations from multiple database sources to Azure Data platforms with minimal downtime. When it comes to transforming your organization through big data migration, there often is pressure to jump in immediately. 2nd Dry Run b. At end of business blue print and before start of build phase a. The AWS DMS assessment report analyzes many possible problems and warns you before you start the migration. c. One-off activity triggered by upgrade circumstances It should always be started in between business blue print phase as it would give sufficient time for enhancing the quality of data. Business users should be involved during all testing cycles Assessment of Tools/Technologyc. In addition, you can use a set of detailed playbooks. You can run it manually (From Visual Studio or Opening the executable file) or run it as a part of your release pipeline with the --nowait argument.. Before you run it for the first time make sure to drop the existing database and create an empty database with the same name in the connection string. Even if you are an expert with your source database engine, if you switch engines you need to be an expert in the target database engine also. #2) Database Migration. Q. Migrate to AWS Migration to every cloud has its own specific steps and requires expertise with the specific cloud ecosystem. b. High level source-target mapping specification, scoping report and volumetric c. Business Data Owners Show Answer, 41) As per best practice, what percentage of total data should be uploaded d. None of the above Transformation Rules document Plan your talent Application modernization can be challenging, because there are many moving parts and you need to understand all of them. Show Answer, 49) One should carryout 100% data cleansing and enrichment activity in legacy system? Mostly the basics of every subject are questioned in the interviews. 14. Yes, only in cases where readymade data extract programs are available Even for homogeneous migrations, it’s better to apply the schema in parts. d. All of these a. If you know this, you can execute the migration of multiple disjointed table sets in parallel. It also helps to estimate how long the data copy will take. d. IDE Yes, as it will ensure that changes in data will be minimal as requirement and development would be frozen by that time. d. All of the above b. b. If so, how do you switch back if you need to? a. Yes, you need the logs for compliance reasons, but could they be archived later instead of being part of the live migration? Show Answer, 38) What percentage could be the most acceptable and feasible target for achieving cleansing and enrichment in large data migration projects? c. Integration Testing c. Staging Area Select the most appropriate one+C8 Information Technology Amazon RDS also offers a variety of managed high availability (HA) features. b. c. Migration component development d. Golden Gate It can be done in cases where functionality of new module is not dependent on availability of recent data Before we discuss how not to overload your source database, it’s important to know that working with database roles, users, and permissions can be a huge time-waster during a migration. Another important decision to make is whether all the data needs to migrate. Again, we can go to the extreme and think about a 15-year-old database that can still support the first version of your product, despite the fact that support for this version was discontinued years ago. 9. b. Synchronization between Legacy & Target Show Answer, 27) Which of the following cannot be considered as data migration tool Another example: Do you have some dead tables in your database that supported a feature not offered on the new platform? Oracle interview questions . To use data migration service, we need to create a replication instance which will be used to run migration tasks. a. Change Data Capture 76 data migration interview questions. b. c. Data auditing b. A few factors can affect how long the wait will be for the last row to show up on the other end. Unit Testing While this might seem pretty straightforward, it involves a change in storage and database or application. a. a. Staging b. Data Migration Why is it important to have real-time data migration into a data warehouse? You’ll also need information about the network setup your organization has with its cloud provider. Trending Questions. Missing data Show Answer, WhatsApp: how to free up space on Android - Trenovision, WhatsApp Web : how to make voice and video calls on PC, Apps for Xbox - How to play Xbox One games on an Android smartphone remotely - Trenovision, How to play PC games on an Android smartphone remotely, How to play PC games on an Android smartphone remotely - Trenovision, How to play PlayStation 4 games on an Android smartphone remotely, Loan Approval Process how it works ? Please, please read the documentation for DMS and the documentation for SCT. Data cleansing c. No, Functionality testing should be carried out only on system where data has been loaded as it will reduce risk of unforeseen issues during final cutover c. Before enhancing the quality of existing data What underlying data migration technology does the vendor use? Row By Row Load Do you know why you preferred one target database engine over another? b. Now let’s talk about LOBs – Large Objects. b. SI Team and Business Data Owners Undertaking a Data Migration Takes Planning. c. Java It can be done in cases where integration testing is not dependent on availability of recent data 2. Show Answer, 57) Which one is a feature of Big-Bang migration a. My questions are: What is a best way to migrate database from one server to another? d. 90% of masters and 90% transaction data This blog post discusses common migration problems that can occur when you move your database to the cloud. It becomes worse if you are migrating a database that is part of your corporate fleet. a. Olap You will also likely want to keep your triggers disabled for the initial load of the data. b. EIM tool b. b. c. CUT Phase b. Yes, as testing of enhanced functionality can be done on old data d. None of the above a. Source-Stage And Stage-Warehouse Data Profiling Select the most appropriate answer. These are the set of Database interview questions and answers which are mostly asked in the interview. Click on Database migration service. On Create replication instancepage, enter the name and description of the replication instance. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database software that can be used to perform a broad range of data migration tasks. Data migration is the process of moving data from one system to another. c. Finalizing the business rules for conversion Some apps need this access, but in most cases the sun will shine the day after your DBA loses database admin privileges, as it does for other customers. c. Only for small size projects where number of data objects is less than 10 This process is normally very quick, but it can take a while to perform depending on the database, especially if you have a lot of pending transactions in the database which much be rolled forward or backward before the database can be upgraded. Select the most appropriate one 12. Products 100% of masters and 90% transaction data b. c. Synchronization of Source & Target system Don’t forget, your organization can have an awesome 10 GB direct pipe to your cloud provider, but that doesn’t mean it’s all yours. Involves Volume Testing. Standard tools should be used as it comes with lot of prebuilt building blocks for faster execution of projects and also post migration can be used for maintaining quality of data. Make sure you are familiar with those—things like backups, OS and database patches, security, high availability, scalability, elasticity, integration with the AWS ecosystem, and so on. c. Reporting Schema Data in different format “Very large” is subjective, but for migration purposes, tables larger than 200 gigabytes and with hundreds of millions of rows might end up being the long tail for your data migration. Only for large size projects where number of data objects is more than 30 ... 2 thoughts on “ 4 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Data Migration ” Chris Winters says: June 1, 2017 at 2:32 pm Jim, I can see why data migration would involve strong customer collaboration. Login to AWS management console, Click on Services and type database migration service. Show Answer, 39) Detailed migration strategy is defined usually b. Select the most appropriate one That said, it might be that refactoring your database during the migration is the only opportunity to do so. Show Answer, 7) Synchronization of three ingredients for a successful data migration result d. None Of The Above Running the migration runner. Show Answer, 20) Data migration is a Legacy to Oracle Apps. © 2020, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. Moving inactive master data to target system What is even more important is how many schemas and tables you are going to migrate. Business users are not required for data testing even in UAT phase. 1) Assessment of Data Migration viability means 4. Moving past transactions i.e., 6 months, 1 year, etc to target system for business requirements/legal compliance c. Data modeling & staging area architecture Select the most appropriate one d. Defining Migration strategy Cleanse in Source Show Answer, 69) Identify the most appropriate use case for data transformation Maybe you can do better and more importantly do with less pain, or maybe this is why your database guy wanted to have the host access? c. Attribute & LoV mapping Do you have LOBs in your tables, and how large are they? a. a. Database migration checklist 1. Understand your network The sad truth is that a database migration requires extensive network knowledge from you or your co-workers. Business Process 3. c. Yes only for small size projects where no. 3. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 62 companies. Do you need the source database to stay alive after the migration? Normal Load It will save you a lot of time and frustration during the migration. Database; ... Migrating the data is a process that copies the data from the third-party database to the new tables in the Oracle database. Be aware that the planning can often take more time than the actual migration! c. Process, Technology & Testing When was the last time you vacuumed, or compacted, your database? bringing the problematic data over to a new system would simply transfer the issues (i.e old records Hi, I have a pega application in production with Oracle DB. a. It seems like businesses tend to thrive whenever information is easily spread. SSIS is a platform for data integration and workflow applications. Assessment of Timelinesb. You can make these challenges predictable and less painful through diligent preparation and collecting the necessary information before you start. 2. d. None of the above a. d. None Of The Above Do you have enough bandwidth to move all your data? These questions will focus on the process of migrating the SQL Server databases from the on-premises instances to the Microsoft Azure database services. In the database migration service home page, click on Replication Instances. Even if you are doing a lift-and-shift migration, you have decisions to make about your new platform. 22. Select the most appropriate one Topics Covered in this SQL Server DBA Tutorial Assessment of Timelinesb. Check the ERRORLOG in SQL Server and you should see that the database restore is complete and that the database is being upgraded. a. Finally, even if you get all the types, schemas, and LOBs right, it’s possible the migration will be slow. a. Datastage Show Answer, 61) Identify the main layer for generating Profiling reports Even if you are planning a homogenous migration, many tools won’t support all the data types involved. Ten key questions on migration Sixty million people were either refugees or forcibly displaced in 2015. a. d. Ods Ask about all the costs (including any hidden costs or supplementary costs) and the estimated timeline for the migration. Conversion is subset of data migration and is changing of formats. Have a successful database migration! Show Answer, 63) UAT is recommended to be conducted during which dry run b. Harmonization Phew—there are a lot of questions to answer, and a lot of people to work with to get the answers. d. Business Data Owners and Legacy Administrator 2. Thanks for reading! AWS DMS has a feature called premigration validation that verifies types involved in the migration and warns you about the issues you might have with your data types. a. Profiling If you have hard dates (for example, if you need to vacate your data center), be realistic about what you can achieve. The service is currently in General Availability, with ongoing development efforts focused on: 1. Data Transformation d. None of these b. Perpetual activity asking for a continuous synchronization between legacy and target systems Show Answer, 33) The process of importing/extracting data from various source systems and loading into one target system is known as d. All of the above The size of the database is important when determining the correct approach to use for your migration project. a. 6. c. Assessment of Legacy Sources/Risks/Mitigation c. UAT In most fleets, some apps can take 20 to 30 minutes of downtime – some can even have a maintenance window of a few hours. It should be done by developing customer programs during the project execution phase. To make a long story short, you will need your best people on this project. In the last section, we will discuss some more detailed information related to an AWS migration. d. None of the above What do the transaction boundaries look like? For extra credit, you can try to find out which tables participate in which transactions. a. DQ tool c. 95% Multiple database migrations: Moving multiple databases can be a challenge if any applications depend on all of them. d. Non Of The Above But do you know what are you replacing it with? b. You need to understand details of networking, permissions, roles, accounts, and so on. Show Answer, 16) Profiling results will give more insight to Source-To-Target mapping specifications How many really big tables do you have (200 gigabytes or 200 million rows in size)? b. The first and very important tool is the documentation. c. Attribute & LoV mapping a. Yes, only in cases where data extracts is responsibility of client team c. No, it is required in all the cases as it helps in reconciling the extracts for its completeness and accuracy If you don’t have them in you database, lucky you, but keep reading to understand how lucky you are. Show Answer, 60) Which activity is primarily performed outside the staging area Some of them took some shortcuts and hit every possible problem during their first migration; others spent some time preparing and flew through their migrations with zero pain. Show Answer, 72) Identify the transactional data object Requirement analysis document Another challenge you might face is that you have LOBs in a table without primary keys or any other unique constraints (perhaps your DBA read some cutting-edge blog 10 years ago that claimed this was a good idea). Select the instance class. The next question you should ask is: Do we have some “exotic” engine-specific data types in our schemas? c. It should not be done at all as it involve huge risk of impacting the existing functionality of the system. c. Multiple rollouts a. The refactoring process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of your application and database. b. Migration time can be longer, and more memory will be required on your replication server. This is important to understand because most migration tools will put some additional load on your source database. SQL Server Migration Tutorial from Coding compiler | SQL Server DBA Tutorial – Part 7, this blog is the seventh tutorial in the series, here you are going to learn about how SQL server migration works. Can you answer one simple question: What is the size of the database you are trying to migrate? Finally, after all your preparations, thousands of things can go wrong during and after the migration. Thanks for reading! Conceptual and Logical data models The checklist below will help you to ask the right questions before you start. c. It can be done in cases where data to be migrated is not impacting the existing data d. C++ Sign In Required. b. Source-Target I hope that it’s not because your lead developer told you, “Dude, this is cutting-edge, everybody is using it” and that you had a more structured conversation about why this specific engine is best for your app, your team, and your timeline. Attribute & LoV mapping Show Answer, 24) The build phase of systems development includes: We can think about the database that has thousands of tables and dozens of schemas and still has these stored procedures which you wrote when you joined the company more than a decade ago…. c. Both A & B 1st Dry Run Close. Data Cleansing Conversion is changing from one system to other system e.g. 3. Hint: It is better to have these apps as your first project. c. Data Storage Questions tagged [database-migration] Ask Question database-migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. Prepare Data Migration Strategy Green field implementation The simplest questions are: Can your app afford downtime, and how long can this downtime be? What you’re trying to do is move your application to the new environment, platform, or technology (aka application modernization), because usually people don’t move databases for fun. d. Reconciliation report In the context of the extract/transform/load (ETL) process, any data migration will involve at … d. None of the above b. Show Answer, 14) Source-to-target specifications is a collaborative task by The Nintex c onfiguration database ha s references to multiple pieces of workflow information. c. OWB d. Error handling d. All of the above b. Quantifying the data anomalies Show Answer, 64) Legacy data Profiling Report primarily is a deliverable of – b. Aligning your data extraction tasks as per their time window d. Its always good to have latest production copy for testing the integration components d. DM Team Database Migrations ... -f - to force a bypass confirmation question, it is only asked in a production environment; status. Another important question that will affect your approach is this: Do you need your source database to remain available after the migration is done? 16. For this type of migration, the application should be stable and the data in the database should be correct and valid. d. None of the above c. Data loading Cleanse in Staging /In-flight using code logic It can be very painful to move even small numbers of them. The DMS and SCT forums are another place to find useful information before you start the project. Usually, compacted databases migrate faster and with fewer issues, so you should find out when your database was last compacted. c. Data migration is changing from Legacy to New System or upgrading of the version. a. Migrate complete legacy history into new target Having a contingency plan is always a good idea. b. d. None of these b. a. b. In this guide, you’ll create a database migration to set up the table where you’ll save the application links. b. b. 7. Missing Functionality issue This is a good point to review your HA requirements. Requirement and Data Quality Assessment Phase b. c. Business team in Pre-Prod environment Enable multi-AZ if you need … c. Migration As previously mentioned, database migration is usually a part of a bigger application modernization project, which means the database migration (even for homogeneous migrations) will involve some changes to application code. For a production migration, you need to stop the SharePoint timer service prior to migration. Target How many really big tables do you have (200 gigabytes or 200 million rows in size)? As system functionality testing requires only sample data c. Migrate master data b. Data quality issue Show Answer, 71) Migration Phasing can be decided based on – Do all your tables with LOBs have primary keys? Performances does matter, since I will have to handle with sizable databases. d. For all migration projects irrespective of size of the projects Show Answer, 48) Technical knowledge of data storage mechanism and data model in new system is not required by data migration architect? Show Answer, 54) Usually ownership of accuracy of data lies with 11. Data migration is a vital step when implementing new association management software. If you are migrating databases to Amazon DocumentDB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon Redshift, then you can get the benefits of DMS free for six months. Moving from one neighborhood to another does not constitute migration because it does not likely involve a job change or other lifestyle change. b. Business team in Dev environment a. 13. c. Data reference a. Reconciliation reports Data Profiling 21. a. a. You might be surprised—most customers can’t answer this question. b. Fixing exceptions with hard-coded pass value D o the workflows need to be stopped prior to migrating? c. Risk register with indicative mitigation plan Martina Liebsch, head of policy and advocacy at Caritas Internationalis, looks at why such large movements of people are challenging nations and individuals. c. Migration Strategy Document Show Answer, 68) Default values for missing data should be mainly covered as part of – Data migration is a big undertaking, so start thinking about these challenges—and the solutions you’ll use to address them—early on! There are 20 questions to complete. Show Answer, 70) Identify the issue which ideally can’t be fixed in staging area Show Answer, 37) For which of the following generally migration can be considered as one time process Data Migration Interview Questions 1. Show Answer, 75) Loadiing of data into SAP can be achieved using: However, there may be some more tricky questions. Orders a. Everything is going fine apart from the database migration. Both for medium and large size projects where number of data objects is more than 10 Yes, as it can be done by Functional and Technical team involved in implementation a. b. Q. Yes, but testing results and learning of data loads during unit testing and SIT should be shared and discussed with business users d. No, it is required in all the cases as it helps not only in reconciling the extracts for its completeness and accuracy but also for better control of overall management of project Show Answer, 31) which of the following improves performance for data load during migration process b. Legacy Administrator Database migration checklist 1. a. Fixing the data anomalies a. a. SI team Congratulations! a. The point is that somebody needs to prepare your schema to be applied in parts. Do you know what VPC security group you can use? d. None of the above I'm trying to migrate a Wordpress site from one server to another. c. Standardization I need to migrate the application to PostGres DB. Show Answer, 4) Data migration is a process involving key stakeholders from Okay, suppose you’ve done some initial digging and now you have data about the size, schema, and tables of the database to migrate. Show Answer, 3) From Migration point of View, Data profiling is The Migration Workbench runs on Windows NT and Windows 98/2000. d. C++ c. Bulk Load Data Mapping Show Answer, 47) Technical knowledge of data storage mechanism and data formats in legacy system is not required by data migration architect? Show Answer, 74) Data transformation is generally achieved using: If your traffic is very high, it might be unrealistic to plan a live migration and you should consider alternatives. What happens to your application after the migration? b. d. All of the above Database migration question Description. However, having all the answers helps you save a lot of time during your first migration and creates some best practices for the following ones. d. Archiving Iterative addition of source-target pairs. d. None of these Source System a. d. None of the above In any case, it doesn’t hurt to plan and analyze your data model, even if you are going to change it after migration is complete. a. b. d. No. Testing Show Answer, 21) Which of the following is generally not a key element for processing data in migration projects a. a. a. d. UAT d. Change data capture Show Answer, 67) Identify activity which is covered during CUT Phase d. None of the above a. d. Data validation a. I also check to see if the new server meets the technical requirements for the SQL database prior to beginning the migration process." Can you run your app on the old and the new database simultaneously? Conversion is subset of data migration and is changing of formats for smooth integration. d. None Of The Above 23. You need to be signed in and under a current maintenance contract to view premium knowledge articles. Attribute & LoV mapping Select the most appropriate one c. Reconciliation For example, if you are migrating to a MySQL database, it is perfectly fine to migrate to Amazon RDS Single-AZ MySQL (actually faster) and then convert it to an Amazon RDS Multi-AZ instance, or go further and use Amazon Aurora. Plan your time Database migration projects usually include refactoring of the application and database code, and also the schema, which is a time-consuming, iterative process. Thousands of AWS customers have already migrated with or without our help. Show Answer, 13) UAT is a testing done by whom and where? Knowing your database roles and permission model, or at least having the name of the person who knows it and can grant access, can save you a lot of time. c. Option A & B Show Answer, 51) For enhancement projects (adding new modules to existing system), where one time data migration is involved, latest production copy is not required for carrying out testing of data? a. Data Profiling What are your high availability (HA) requirements? b. Yes, only in case of medium size projects where data objects are less than 30 Show Answer, 59) Identify the outcome of Data Profiling activity Later, when you migrate your data, verify that all your data looks correct on the other end before you shut down the power at your data center. I'm working on a database migration script written in python, which will take data from a MySQL database and insert them into a PostgreSQL database with a different Schema (different table structures, different datatypes and so on). Show Answer, 65) Which is generally an activity of Requirement & Data Quality Assessment Phase a. But for performance and other reasons, you might want to create secondary indexes and apply constraints later. Technical questions about Azure Database Migration, an Azure service that is used for moving on-premises SQL Server databases to the cloud. c. Extraction errors while data migration c. Validation of legacy data with lookup tables view answer Replication Troubleshooting using DBMS_REFRESH: view answer How to work with Oracle Data Pump? Data Transformation Finally, there is this question: Does the connection between your source and target database have enough bandwidth for the migration? Other end storage and database have LOBs in your tables and primary keys before you start to premium. Area d. None of these Show Answer, 2 ) data governance process should be carried out in different?. In our schemas also need information about the target database schema opportunity to do.. The SQL Server databases to the Microsoft Azure database migration requires extensive network knowledge from or. The refactoring process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the source database important... Field implementation c. application migrations/upgrades d. None of these Show Answer, 25 ) Unit testing a or both and! Process. migrating a database that is used for data integration and workflow.! ) user acceptance testing typically occurs: a painful to move all your data to run the scripts database migration questions. Specialize skills and hence should be carried out in different systems many schemas and tables you are planning homogenous! For 62 companies attribute & LoV mapping c. UAT d. building migration components Show Answer 57! ) user acceptance testing typically occurs: a the relevant corporate security governance team on access. The differences between these versions, you need to understand details of networking, permissions, roles, accounts and... Compliance reasons, but could they be archived later instead of being part of the organization as implementation team carry... Straightforward, it ’ s better to postpone all schema transformations until the end the. Of migration where all the information required to finish the project successfully to AWS management console, click on and! Database software good idea implementation b c. application migrations/upgrades d. None of these Show Answer, 56 ) Identify which...: 1 Wizard uses the same place involved during all testing cycles d. no, as it does to,... An AWS migration are doing a lift-and-shift migration, many tools won ’ t have them you... Layer for generating Profiling reports a to work with Oracle DB spreadsheets into their software data the. You can use a set of detailed playbooks question to ask to make Server to another or! Review your HA requirements important when determining the correct approach to use for migration., 17 ) CDC in data migration activity for large data migration?... Ll also need information about the network setup your organization through big data migration.! Formats for smooth integration network knowledge from you or your app afford,. Like businesses tend to thrive whenever information is easily spread how many and! Of projects, lack of admin privileges on your source and target database have enough bandwidth the... Application is migrated to another, or your app on the old and the new Server meets the technical for... C. UAT d. building migration components Show Answer, 26 ) user acceptance testing typically occurs:.! As standard tools are not required by data migration - database questions & answers 1 assessment. Live migration them—early on phew—there are a lot of time you start is... The extract/transform/load ( ETL ) different Server one engine over another, roles, accounts, and so on your!