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ZOMBIE is an acronym, and stands for Zombie-Oriented Machine-Being Interface Engine.

  • The language should allow the necromancer to animate dead bodies, summon and control spirits, and solve any computable problem.
  • There should be sensible guarantees against overwriting system memory, monopolising CPU cycles, and releasing malicious entities into the world.
  • The language must be inherently evil.
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DM’s Esoteric Programming Languages – HQ9++

HQ9++ has four syntax elements:

  • H Prints "Hello, world!".
  • Q Prints the entire text of the source code file.
  • 9 Prints the complete canonical lyrics to "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall".
  • + Increments the accumulator.
  • ++ When the sequence ++ is encountered, it (naturally) increments the accumulator twice, and also instantiates an object of a new subclass of the generic superclass. In line with the best data-hiding principles, there is no way to access this object.
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