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In 1975 aufgenommenes Tutorial für die Programmiersprache APL (A Programming Language), Vorgänger von K und J.

Code per Stift zu annotieren, wie bei 18:00, hat einen gewissen Charme.

APL versuchte, die effiziente mathematische ℕotation in Programmiersprachen abzubilden und zu erweitern. Da die dafür notwendigen griechischen Zeichen zwar einfach gemalt werden konnten, aber nicht auf herkömmlichen Tastaturen zu finden waren, wurden für APL neue Tastaturen gebaut. Dank ASCII, 1968 von Lyndon B. Johnson als Standardcodierung für U.S.-Rechner angeordnet, gerieten mathematische Sonderzeichen auf Tastaturen jedoch bald in Vergessenheit.

Wer dem Tutorial folgen will: TryAPL

The following expression finds all prime numbers from 1 to R.


Creating a simple HTML page using APL

The Shakespeare Programming Language

Programme in der Form eines Shakespeare-Stückes.

Any noun is a constant with the value 1 or -1, depending on whether it's nice or not. For example, "flower" has the value 1 because flowers are nice, but "pig" has the value -1 because pigs are dirty

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ZOMBIE is an acronym, and stands for Zombie-Oriented Machine-Being Interface Engine.

  • The language should allow the necromancer to animate dead bodies, summon and control spirits, and solve any computable problem.
  • There should be sensible guarantees against overwriting system memory, monopolising CPU cycles, and releasing malicious entities into the world.
  • The language must be inherently evil.
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DM's Esoteric Programming Languages - HQ9++

HQ9++ has four syntax elements:

  • H Prints "Hello, world!".
  • Q Prints the entire text of the source code file.
  • 9 Prints the complete canonical lyrics to "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall".
  • + Increments the accumulator.
  • ++ When the sequence ++ is encountered, it (naturally) increments the accumulator twice, and also instantiates an object of a new subclass of the generic superclass. In line with the best data-hiding principles, there is no way to access this object.
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Nichtdeterministisches Java.

Java2K is not a deterministic programming language, but a probabilistic one. Even for built-in functions, there is only a certain probability the function will do whatever you intend it to do. All Functions have two different implementations. At runtime, based on a pseudo-RNG, the actual implementation is choosen. This is in line with common physicalist assumptions about the nature of the universe - there is never absolute security, there is always only probability.

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