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Exclusive First Look at the New Star Trek: TNG Porn Movie

A massive Next Generation fan, he told us that he actually did the opposite of what most other porn writers do - he came up with a TNG story that he wanted to tell, and only then did he put the sex scenes in. Indeed, he very consciously designed this movie to fit with established TNG continuity - the story has an authentic season six stardate, and it's implied that this movie takes place just before the episode "True Q." Most intriguingly, the movie serves as an unofficial sequel to one of The Next Generation's finest hours: "Yesterday's Enterprise."

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The Iconfactory presents Star Trek


Gratis Star Trek Icons, woohoo! Schick noch dazu. Diverse Tricorder, Phaser, Enterprise inkl. Wurstnazellen, die leicht albern aussehenden USS Kelvin und Uhuras Ohrstöpsel/Headset. Alles in mehreren Auflösungen und nur für den Desktop, drum kein Bild davon hier...

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