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Rails + Merb = Rails

Beginning today, the Merb team will be working with the Rails core team on a joint project. [...] Effectively, Merb 2 is Rails 3.



As you have probably gathered from the above, there aren’t any clear points that the Merb and Rails team disagree on anymore. [...] Given this philosophical convergence, it just didn’t seem like there was much to gain by continuing to duplicate effort and spend time and energy fighting each other.

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Rails: before_filter mit Parametern

Kleiner Rails Tipp: before_filter akzeptiert auch Blöcke. So kann man den Methoden leicht Parameter übergeben. Der Block bekommt als Parameter den aktuellen Controller:

before_filter {|c| c.do_stuff(param1, param2)}
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You Need the [PHP] Community

Don’t develop in the dark; get out there and meet people. Programming is not just about how many lines you’ve written and what sort of fun tricks you’ve managed to employ. It’s about getting out there and sharing with fellow developers and making the connections and friendships that could save you down the line.

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